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Triptych Poster Series

The focus for the Triptych Poster Series is on the importance of failures and mistakes and their relationships to success. The posters will advocate for change within the workplace environment, as well as help to improve inner emotions regarding mistakes made.


About the Posters

The posters will demonstrate how it is expected to make mistakes, and that to be the best at whatever you (the viewer) are facing right now, you have to make mistakes so that you can learn and know what not to do next time.

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Through research conducted on famous inventors, information was gathered on how many times these famous inventors (such as Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb) failed before finally getting their success, and how they accepted their failures as a part of the process.



The black and white color choices were carefully picked to depict the way that the inventors portrayed failure. Through brilliance, mystery (their trials), and the elegance of their final inventions, the black and white colors of the posters enhance these characteristics.

Colors_All Projects_Triptych Colors.png


Type Triptych.png


The typographic choices for the Triptych Poster series were intended to provide a strong contrast between the two, creating visual interest and sending a powerful message. The text is strong, professional, and modern. 


Final Thoughts

The posters became a dramatic piece by moving the type to the left, allowing optimal placement and scale of the imagery, and removing all color from the design creating a powerful statement through imagery and typography. The “hidden” blueprints behind the images entice the viewer to look closer at the posters, enhancing the concept of always trying again.

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