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Brand Kits

Premade Brand Identities that help you to market with confidence when you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger and invest in fully custom branding. Say goodbye to the overwhelm of picking a color palette or choosing a random font on Canva because you’re bored with your current one. Our Brand Kits are completely editable and designed with your business in mind so you can finally stay consistent & market a brand identity you’re proud of.

Every Brand Kit Gives You:

A logo

One logo variation

Color Palette



Social Media Template/Layout

The Process:

Initial Inquiry - inquire using the form below, choose the $250-$750 budget option.

Onboarding - I will send you an email with a link to choose your brand kit, pay your invoice, and provide your business name for your logo creation.

Design Magic - based on your business name, I will update the logos in your chosen package to your business name.

Kit Created - I will upload all of your assets into Adobe Express as a 'Brand'. This will give you access to your new Brand Kit directly from Adobe Express.

Offboarding Time - you will receive a video walkthrough on how to use your new Brand Kit, as well as your files and Adobe Express Brand Invite. Included in your Adobe Express Brand will be a Social Media Template/Layout Design for your use.

Why You Need This


You don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on custom branding but are in need of something that feels a bit more true-to-you!


You're ready to truly rise above your competitors with a solid brand identity that you’re proud of and that speaks to the quality of your products or services.

Do What You Love

Your time is valuable, and very limited. You don’t have hours to play the guessing game when you’ll end up back at square one. Colors and fonts are hard! We did the work so you don’t have to. 

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