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Skin Luxe Spa

Skin Luxe Spa is owned by an Esthetician who's mission is to be able to help people feel confident in their own skin while also having a luxurious experience through providing skin care services that leave clients looking and feeling their best. 


New Logo

The brand identity developed is intended to reflect the values of Skin Luxe Spa. The development of the logo revolved around the representation of balance, diversity, beauty, and cleanliness. The new logo is modern, minimalist, and provides a relaxing and welcoming tone for the business. The typeface was fully customized to make the logo unique.



Logo Variations

A brand identity is not complete without logo variations. The primary logo, secondary logo, and submark all provide a variety of ways to effectively use the new brand identity across all marketing collateral. 



The colors for the new brand identity were chosen for their modern boho characteristics, matching with the brand strategy developed through initial client onboarding and research. The muted orange and yellow represent warmth and togetherness, and enhance the brand value of being holistic and trustworthy. Purple adds passion and beauty, and green symbolizes balance, and provides the brand with a tone of cleanliness.




The type chosen for the brand provides a bohemian touch while remaining legible and modern. The type provides consistency throughout all mediums and enhances the brands tone of voice and style. 



The pattern compliments the logo style through the thin line art and the flowing form of the lines. The pattern adds a lot of modernism to the brand, and the pattern tells a story aligned with the businesses mission of natural beauty and luxury. The illustrations help in quickly identifying that this is a brand focused on beauty and inclusion.

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