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R MacK Beauty

The brand identity developed for R MacK Beauty will tell the story of the brand, while portraying accurate messaging of what the company does. The brand identity will truly encompass the company’s values and goals, and will help to establish a consistent branding method across all platforms used by the company


New Logo

The development of the brand identity revolved around the concept of recognizable and specific messaging. The developed logo incorporates simplicity with boldness and textures to provide a modern design with memorable characteristics, all with intentional decisions behind them.

Color Horizontal.png
Color Stacked.png


Logo Variations

The logo variation for R MacK Beauty is a reorganized version of the primary logo, making a stacked version instead of a horizontal lockup.



Pink represents the love a person has for themselves and for others. Pink is the primary color of the brand as the brand value is to enhance a person confidence and self-love through facial aesthetics.

Cream colors were used to represent the creaminess of makeup products, including foundations, concealers, and other products with a cream texture. 




The chosen type is very modern and very legible. The heading text is bold to create a strong contrast when paired with the regular weight of the body type.



The pattern includes custom illustrations and a subtle makeup powder texture throughout. 

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