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Emily Wilson Graphic Design

Emily Wilson Graphic Design (hey, that's me!) offers Graphic Design services including but not limited to: Brand Identity, Layout Design, Social Media Graphics, Websites, and more. The business focuses on local, small, start-up businesses that are geared towards making an impact in their communities. 


New Logo

The new logo combines a maximalist style with minimalist, showcasing the designers ability to adapt based on client needs. The typography was customized to make it unique to the business.

Primary Logo_ Lavender_4x-100.jpg


Logo Variations

The variations for Emily Wilson Graphic Design include a stacked logo (primary), horizontal logo (secondary), monogram (icon) and the monogram combined with graphic design (submark). The variations create consistency across all collateral, regardless of sizing.



The colors were chosen by asking the client's friends and family two questions: 1) If Emily was a color, what color would she be? and 2) Why that color? Every color stated by friends and family were placed into the final color pallet.




Just like the style of the logo, the type combines maximalist style with minimalist. The heading font is bold and unique, and the body text is modern and legible.



The pattern consists of geometric shapes and specific elements pulled from the final logo design. The style of the pattern again creates cohesion with the style of the logo, making it recognizable and consistent. 

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