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Mexico Library

The cost of the library is free, with thousands of books to choose from, and the ability for the library to order nearly any book that you want to read, and through their branches borrow books from them. During my visit at the library, there were probably around five to ten people in the library at once. However, based on interviews conducted and research performed outside of my time at the library, many people travel from surrounding towns to visit the Mexico library, so there are likely hundreds of readers, with not many complaints. 


New Logo

The new logo for the Mexico Library incorporates a connection between the y, c, and o of the word mark. This connection represents the Mexico Libraries commitment to collaboration with its branch libraries and establishing relationships through its reading programs.

Color Logo-01_edited.png
Color Logo-01.png


Logo Variations

The book icon can be used as a stand alone logo, as long as the Mexico Library wordmark logo is located somewhere else on the same design.

Color Logo-01_edited.png
Color Logo-01_edited.png



The modern, muted, high contrast color scheme of the Mexico Library creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. The colors provide a sense of calm to the viewer, allowing them to relax and find peace through their reading adventures

Colors_All Projects_Mexico Library Colors.png



Coming Soon...

Type coming soon...



The pattern of the Mexico Library combines modernism with iconography used throughout the branding elements of the library.  The pattern can be used to add additional branding emphasis to any collateral the designer deems applicable.

Mexico Library Colors and Pattern-02.png
Mexico Library Iconography.png



The iconography of the Mexico Library will be enhanced in terms of modernization as well as consistent messaging. The iconography will be easy to interpret its meanings, and will remain consistent with the overall branding of the Library. The iconography will be used on wayfinding graphics, fliers, the Library Layaway app, event signage, and anywhere deemed applicable. The iconography may be placed on a colored background, and colors may be changed, as long as the colors are one of the approved official colors of the brand.  

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