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Let's Fly a Kite

Let's Fly a Kite is a kids restaurant that also offers an adult atmosphere. They needed a brand identity that attracted both the younger generation and the parents of young children. 


New Logo

The logo created for this client utilized a fun typeface and every color of the brand in the one logo. This created an attraction to the kids, but is still sophisticated enough to attract adults as well. I customized the type to add more playfulness to the overall wordmark, and created a kite illustration to tie it all together.

Logo copy.png


Logo Variations

The logo variations created for Let's Fly a Kite allow for the business to utilize their branding in various applications and remain consistent through all of their collateral. 



The colors offered a fun, uplifting aesthetic to the overall brand identity. The colors are vibrant, but also calm to appeal to both the kid audience and adult market. 




The typography pairing makes for a bold statement, as they are drastically different in terms of weight and style. The heading font is fun and playful, and the body font is easily legible and clean.



The pattern fills every ounce of whitespace and truly illuminates the idea of movement and family through the close proximity used. The triangles and circles represent family members, the waves and squiggle lines represent air movement lifting the kites, and other kite elements were used to provide consistency and make the pattern recognizable to the Let's Fly a Kite branding.

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