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Dollens Family Farms

Dollens' Family Farms raises Highland Cows, and they wanted a logo and branding options that they could use for their farms social media pages. Through photo analysis and mood boards, I was able to create the final color scheme for the branding package. The imagery also inspired the logomark.


New Logo

The development of the logo focused on a simplistic line drawing of a Highland Cow. The wide horns represent the families wide range of passion they have for many farm animals, and the showing of only one eye exemplifies their exclusivity to Highland Cows in their cattle raising.

Dollens Family Farms Icon.png


Logo Variations

The main variation for this brand identity is the icon/submark, which is the illustration of the highland cattle head. 



The colors for the new brand identity were chosen for their history within the highland cattle breed, as the preferred color of the breed by the Queen in the Scotland Highlands was red, and the browns compliment the chosen red.




The type chosen for the brand provides a bold and impactful aesthetic. The header typeface exemplifies the close-knit family ties in the brand through the condensed type style, showing closeness. The body text was chosen for its legibility, as well as its consistency. The geometric type style again shows the unbreakable bond of a family, by being never-changing.

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