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Smokin' Good Brand Kit


The Smokin' Good brand brings boldness mixed with texture, making it perfect for brands that want to stand out in a way that is exciting and engaging. A flaming sans serif logo design pairs with a modern sans serif body typeface to create the perfect balance of boldness and modern. Combined with a palette of vibrant, red, white, and black hues, Smokin' Good creates a bold, masculine feel. Elevating the experience further, the textured, hand-drawn pattern helps provide a memorable branding experience that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

What is a Brand Kit?
Premade Brand Identities that help you to market with confidence when you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger and invest in fully custom branding. Say goodbye to the overwhelm of picking a color palette or choosing a random font on Canva because you’re bored with your current one. Our Brand Kits are completely editable and designed with your business in mind so you can finally stay consistent & market a brand identity you’re proud of.

Upon filling out the form linked on the button above, you’ll receive a series of emails including your invoice and a form to fill in your Business name. Once the invoice and business name is provided, I will send your updated brand kit to your email within 1-2 business days. 

Your branding kit is compatible with Adobe Express. Adobe Express is very similar to Canva in terms of functionality. Adobe Express does have a free version, but you may want/need to upgrade to the paid subscription to use your brand fonts and other assets. Your brand fonts are here to help your brand stand out and easily help you stay consistent as you market your brand across all marketing platforms.

Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final. Brand kits may not be replicated and/or sold or distributed.

You are purchasing the licensing to use the artwork and elements for ONE brand/business. This is not licensed to be reused in any other way.

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