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Sirotzki Studios

Sirotzki Studios is an Esthetician also offering make-up services. She needed a new brand identity to help make her marketing collateral effective and cohesive. 


New Logo

The client placed a lot of emphasis around having a double S in her naming, so the logo developed focused on emphasizing the S's. Customization was done to the S in Sirotzki and Studios to make them stand out, and the icon created combined the two S's, and represents the business mission by showcasing unwinding and trust. The curves in the other letters also represent unwinding.

Primary Logo_Light Green+Coral.jpg
Logo Variations-01.png


Logo Variations

The logo variations create a variety of uses for the new branding, allowing the client to place her new logo on all of her marketing materials, regardless of sizing.



Each color chosen represents the values of the business. The values of the business included trust, secure, comfort, and confidence. For example, the orange/pink tones were chosen to represent trust, compassion, empathy, and nurturing in the brand.The colors offer a modern, comfortable aesthetic to the brand identity.




The thin serifs of Libre Caslon Display provide cohesion between the typography and the wordmark. The thicker stems provide enough contrast to be visible from a distance. The legibility of the Gloock typeface makes it visible to anyone looking at branding collateral. The serif typeface again provides cohesion with the main logomark, while remaining highly legible for body copy.



The pattern created for Sirotzki Studios consists of illustrated vectors focused on relaxation, unwinding, and natural beauty. The aesthetic of the pattern is bohemian with emphasis on natural elements.

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